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Domain Name Fraud – Should I respond?

My Startup

You have finalized your business and marketing plan and you’re excited because you’ve purchased and registered your domain name, say at .ca. Now, imagine you start receiving emails from a company located outside of Canada suggesting they will purchase similar domains that sound like yours but at .com, .org, .net, .biz etc.

Now, here is the catch; the company is strongly encouraging you to purchase these alternative domains directly from them, or they will start selling them to someone else. Of course from a marketing perspective you are obviously concerned as it could affect the branding of your company. Yes, this happens, and yes, any small businesses are exposed to getting this type of email.

The scare tactics begin

I received a call late last year regarding one of our members in the contracting industry that had received this email and did not know what to do. At first, he…

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