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Emergency preparedness: Is your business ready?

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On a yearly basis, I have the opportunity to speak with thousands of business owners on a variety of topics. A common discussion point concerns the desire of business owners to maintain a healthy business and healthy employees, with a plan to ensure both for the future.

shutterstock_72792130_jpgAs often as possible, it is necessary to be proactive and ensure you are prepared in case of an emergency in your business.

Are you prepared if there is a natural disaster or any other circumstance that may limit your access to your business?

Ask yourself:

  • What are the risks with each role in your business?
  • How will you communicate with your employees if there is an emergency?
  • Do you have a back up to your records, documents and employee information?
  • Have you assigned managers or key employees to assist in evacuation?
  • If you have employees with a disability, do you have an…

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