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Fulfill your potential and embrace your inner entrepreneur

My Startup

questionsStarting a business is all about answering questions. Although you may have answered all of the questions from our previous post, there will be many more. The ultimate goal is to narrow down your idea, and execute a plan to create the best product/service you can.

You may think your ideal situation is to ensure that your idea has never been done before, but I encourage you to modify this perspective: your idea should be the best version there is in the marketplace. Your competitor’s weaknesses are your future strengths, objectives, and goals.

Remember to stay true to your vision, mission and objectives and the direction of your life.

Every idea needs sharpening; no idea is perfect on its own.

Remember, we all have the potential to become an entrepreneur. Many of us are gifted and skilled enough to provide a service in the community that addresses these factors:

  • It…

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