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How to deal with returns, refunds and exchanges at your business

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The holiday shopping frenzy has come to a close and with that comes a few headaches and hassles for small business owners, specifically retailers. It is no surprise, then, that at this time of year CFIB’s small business help line gets an uptick in calls about return and exchange policies. What are your rights? What are best practices? What are tips and tricks for handling long lines, which can result in disgruntled customers?

So what you do as an independent retailer? Are you required to have a return, exchange or refund policy?

This question prompted me to conduct research to determine if there are any provinces that required this practice as mandatory. As I suspected, most provinces do not have an “official” mandatory policy. You as a business owner must establish your own guidelines.

When establishing your return and exchange policy, you should ask yourself the following important questions:

  • Do…

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