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“Re-imagining the human experience in a way that includes accessibility”

My Startup

Have you ever had a moment when you meet someone and you know you’ve met a rising star?

Well, I found a rising entrepreneurial star!

Meet Lequanne Collins-Bacchus, a new member of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB).

IMG_4349Lequanne Collins-Bacchus is a 24-year-old intellectual peripatetic, who founded PAERE as a hub to explore the intersection of accessibility, disability, the arts, and technological innovation.

She enjoys learning about and re-imagining the human experience and what’s possible for people of all abilities. Being hard-of-hearing herself, she draws inspiration from her own experience and challenges others to do the same. She’s studied at OCAD University (artfully), Carleton University (philosophically), and Seneca College (logistically).

I had a chance to ask Lequanne a few questions about accessibility.

Why did you want to create an accessible business?

For PAERE, the vision is re-imagining the human experience in a way that includes accessibility as part of that experience, not as…

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