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The art of business: where passion turns into entrepreneurship

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What is the greatest benefit of turning your passion/hobby into a business?

This week, we’ll hear from Cindy Lapeña from Art ‘n’ Words Studio and Gallery. We got a chance to catch up to her to talk about how she turned her hobby into a business.

“It’s a creative studio that offers artist services, arts and crafts products, professional writing and editing services, educational services, and my books. I wanted to make a go of turning a hobby into a full-time endeavor so I could have fun and earn from it, as well,” said Lapeña.

Like many entrepreneurs, Lapeña found herself excited for the journey but soon realized that making the decision to go for it was the easy part.

“The most difficult part was actually starting it and doing everything by myself,” said Lapeña.

During our conversation, we explored what exactly makes it easier (or more difficult) to start…

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