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Tips and tools to help manage your family business

My Startup

Family Day is being observed this year on February 20, 2017 (February 13, 2017 for British Columbia). In honor of the countless family owned businesses across Canada, we wanted to provide our My Startup family with few tools to get your family business off the ground.

It is good business practice to create a code of conduct to ensure that everyone understands the expected behavior towards each other and customers.

A Code of Conduct is set of rules/norms that are established for family members/employees to comply with. It is expected that everyone would have a full commitment to conduct business in a professional and respectable manner and strive to create a trust-worthy authentic environment.

A Code of Conduct will support the dos/don’ts on how your company culture will unfold the business vision, mission and objectives. The Code of Culture speaks to:

  • Commitment and expectations of those considered to be managers

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