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What is a value proposition statement and how do I create one?

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MP900442371-sign-with-wordsCreating a value proposition involves setting a specific promise in a service or product that is valuable to your customers, demonstrating the difference between you and your competitors.

Think of the following factors to help steer you in the right direction towards finding a unique value:

  • If I was a customer, what would I appreciate most when purchasing this service or product?
    • Delivery: quick-service delivery, free shipping
    • Customization: style, color, size
    • Customer service: quick set up, free consultation or support, technology support
    • Accessibility: information available on website, profile, language, live agent, response to questions within 24 hours
  • Consider the following: when I review my competitors, they are great at:
    ____________________ (fill in blank) but they are really lacking in the area of
    _____________________(fill in Blank) (and then create a more comprehensive list)
  • If I was a customer at my competitor, this is the feedback I would give them: (list of…

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