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“For a man to conquer himself is the first and noblest of all victories.” Plato

The journey of entrepreneur will test all areas of your character; how you respond to stressful situations, how you react to risks and manage your emotions.

Life is not perfect and certainly circumstance show up at any given time, without warning. Having a sense of awareness identifies how you will act and react in any particular situation. Here is my take in what helps many entrepreneurs.

Take the time to understand yourself:

One of the many books I would recommend for entrepreneurs is a book titled, “Leadership from the Inside out” by Kevin Cashman. This book, in particular, had a unique position; you need to be okay inside to lead. This book encourages you to have many reflection moments to yourself and answer few tough questions.

Adrian Furnham, posted an article on self-awareness titled: How self-aware are you? Do you know how you come across?   Gives you an overview of the importance of understanding yourself.

Have a purpose:

I once tweeted my interpretation of what I believed it meant to live a life of: “Purpose is not mystical. It is an intentional state of mind that motivates every action, word, decision, and posture towards life.” Knowing what your purpose will help you make the necessary decisions. It will also determine what activities you will participate.

Identify your strengths and weaknesses:

The “Entrepreneurial potential self- assessment” quiz created by the Business Development Bank of Canada is a great place start. It will help you determine your entrepreneurship personality. The examination roughly takes you 15 minutes to complete, and you go through a variety of questions to determine your motivations and attitude.

Start a business from your passion:

Back in August 2016, I had created a blog post titled: Brainstorm your way to a brand new business opportunity in which I wrote about understanding your hopes and dreams, while also keeping in mind your weaknesses. It starts with turning your passion into a viable business.

If you follow me on Instagram at @cjgomezg or Twitter @josuegomezg, you will notice I enjoy writing inspirational quotes. Perhaps it came from my early years when I was very addicted reading all about life and leadership.

Do you have a particular method or book that has helped you develop your purpose or self-identity? Comment below!


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