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One business one message! 

If you had the opportunity to ask my youngest brother, Daniel Gomez, what is his favorite movie, he would respond “Drumline.” He is a young musician (drummer) that lives and breathes music. He lives by a quote mentioned in the movie: “One band. One sound.”

His explanation of this quote: “The essence of this quote is that every musician is on point. No instrument or player should be overpowering anyone else in the band, and everyone should support everyone.” He went on to give me examples of great bands that have that unique sound that makes the whole band shine such as Justin Timberlake, Snarky Puppy, and Bruno Mars’s band.

Well did you consider that your business also requires the same synchronization just like a symphony or music band wishing to trigger an emotional response?  So how do you run your business like a rock star, pop star or even a symphony?

    Be intentional about your brand

With your small business, one of the ways you seek to harmonize your efforts is purposely know how you present and express your brand. What is the clear message you want to give your audience? It is not about just one channel of communication but all from your social media, website, flyers and business card. The objective is to create a consistency from the color scheme, messaging, design, etc. Consistency is being conscious of your business reputation. Not to mention it goes a long way for consumers to have your brand in mind.

     It’s called “Integrated Marketing Communication.”

One of my most exciting program I took at school was marketing. Specifically learning about the Integrated Marketing Communications methodology. A concept even your business can get to master. Most large companies, in the past, had much different approach with the marketing department. From copyright, graphic designers, production, sales and research to name a few. These functions worked disjointedly. Now, at a time where information is quickly available at fingertips, the importance of one clear message is highly relevant.   

As a business owner, your disadvantage is not that you’re small, it is your advantage. As a business owner, you have a say in all your channels of communication. In small organizations, you have the ability to conduct trials on a variety of campaigns, test the market in a much quicker way than a larger group and reduce the risk of mismanaging large amounts of resources.

    Time to review:

In my next blog, I will provide you few tips to get your IMC altogether. For today, consider the following:

·         Where are your customers engaging the most? Which social media platform?

·         Does my brand messaging carry consistency throughout my channels of communication?

·         Do I engage my audience and hear their feedback and needs?

·         Do I take the time to ensure that I know the trends within my industry?

Is there something specific you would like to know? Tweet me at @josuegomezg, and I will include the answer in my next blog.


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