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Starting a business? Have you considered setting up your own Code of Conduct?

Get ready to have many sleepless nights, long hours of work and less time for friends/family for now.

Not selling the entrepreneur journey well right? While this all may seem very exaggerative, you will soon learn the realities of creating a business from scratch is not as easy as it sounds or others make it look.

You may miss a musical presentation from one of your children, show on TV, significant trip, and even miss few hours of sleep.

While it is not encouraged for you to start your journey on a bitter note, the sacrifice you make today will determine your long term success.

As you begin to develop your skills for business and learn to master your craft – I encourage you to create a Personal Code of Conduct. In essence, the code of conduct is a set of rules, values, and principles that you will set out and uphold. It is a form of self-governing yourself to support your brand.

Much like a policy that you would create when you hire employees, however, this code is for you! Before you read further – perhaps this video can provide you some background:


You may not have employees, but it is now left up to you to know how you will set a standard for your expected behavior at any possible circumstance.

For example:

□ If found in a compromising situation how do I handle myself to remove myself from that situation?

□ How do I respond to aggressive behavior by an angry customer?

□ If I am at network session, how many social drinks do I expect to have?

Yes, bit extreme. However here is an example by the HR Council, can you think of ways you can incorporate some of these practices in your life?

Like I said in my last blog, you may believe it is common sense, and you trust you will react positively, but having a pre-meditated behavior outlined will help you govern and compose yourself in a professional manner. After all, you the business owner, are the brand ambassador.


□ If someone sees your composure, would they wish to do business with you or avoid any communication?

□ Would they recommend their friends and networks to your business or would they ensure that you do not come close?

□ How did you make someone or group feel? Can you be trusted?

First impressions are crucial and a small business owner, you do not have the luxury to lose out on potential deals and sales. Make sure in everything you do:


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