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Why are you online? My thoughts on personal branding. 

Recently I was asked by few friends and colleagues how to start an online personal brand.  I certainly have few pointers, and of course, there are many ways to go about doing this and many programs and methods that I have yet to use myself.

But first, let me share my story. It was roughly about a year ago that I questioned how I could get online and build awareness on the specific topic. Like many, I felt like I was shy and was not sure what I could share.

So I brainstormed what I hoped to accomplish in my life’s journey – not only on social media. I knew what ever I came up with would be the guiding principle that would govern my work ethic and all facets of life. Out of this activity was born my life slogan: Inspire, Motivate and Celebrate. Which is the kind of content you will find on my platforms: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

From this moment, I became conscious that every goal, online or offline, it would be to do just that.

Step 1:  Identify the purpose

Many people can Tweet or create videos for their Youtube channel, without the identification of a goal or plan behind their posts. There is no problem doing so. I want you to be intentional of your branding.

To create content that means something, you will need to determine the driving force behind your desire to have an online presence. Consider the following:

  • What makes you unique?
  • What is that you are trying to communicate?
  • Are you a subject matter expert on the particular topic?
  • Are you passionate about a product, service or skills?
  • What can you teach someone?

Perhaps you may have a life slogan as well. If you need help with this part – let me know how I can help!

Step 2: What are your limits on Social Media

Although there may be the misconception that everyone is expecting your entire life to be public on social media, it is critical to remember you hold control of what is online. You control what said about you or your company by the content you put out.

Consider the following:

  • What area of your life will remain private: your family pictures, your life circumstances (life, death, births, etc.), personal status – divorce, widow, signal. And what area of your life will be public?

Although this may seem like common sense a pre-determined plan will ensure you stay within your boundaries of what is your life online. Acknowledging what you will post, serves as (think of it) a personal Code of Conduct. That means you will self-govern what content you will create, as well as which content, individual/company, product or service you will endorse.

If content doesn’t match your purpose, best not to associate. If it does, it may be a win-win situation for partnership or collaboration. Note: If you do not agree with the content, individual/company or product or service – that may also be your intention, to establish your opinion.

Step 3: What will be the frequency of posting online?

I will admit, I can do better on this as well! Posting will heavily depend on your time. Depending on which channel of social media you have selected, you can update once a month (blog), or will need to update daily (Twitter). In any other way, remain consistent, remain authentic and integral to your brand and personal position. Consider the following info from Buzzee Marketing:

You will need to conduct thorough research to understand which platform is being used by your audience, to ensure you are not wasting your time preparing content for a group that will not read your material. Check out: Global social media research summary 2017

Starting a business or personal brand online is putting yourself on the line. So keep in pursuit of honesty and life long loyal customers or followers will be right behind you. They may even teach you thing or two!

Treat them well, and they will come back.

These are basic steps to get you going! Share with me your thoughts @josuegomezg – what has worked for you?


2 thoughts on “Why are you online? My thoughts on personal branding. ”

  1. Definitely have to establish limits on what to share on social media – there are countless celebrity figures that share literally everything, but for personal branding purposes, we should have those boundaries set!


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