About Me

Welcome to my Entrepreneurship Blog!

Inspire. Motivate. Celebrate!

My name is Cesar Josue Gomez Garcia, a Hispanic living in Toronto, Ontario. I work full time at the Canadian Federation of Independent Business as a Business Counsellor. My role is to speak with Canadian entrepreneur’s regarding their most important concerns; from starting a business, employee recruitment and understanding Canadian government compliance and regulations.

I am very passionate about entrepreneurship. I have published several blogs that provide variety of recommendations through the Canadian Federation of Independent Business’s MyStartUp program and now here on my site Entrepreneurial Blog.

With the knowledge of business analysis as well as business management and marketing from University of Toronto and Humber College, I am skilled in project planning, customer engagement, communications, as well as mentorship. Personal goal: create and participate in initiatives that support & promote healthy entrepreneurship environment.

I believe we are all called for purpose and I live my life by my motto to “Inspire. Motivate. Celebrate”.

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