Blog Policy & Guidelines

Cesar Gomez is the only writer and contributor to Entrepreneurial Blog. Cesar is a business counsellor at the Canadian Federation of Independent Business. Through his experiences with small business, occasionally, blog posts are shared under MyStartUp’s blog that is intended to help entrepreneurs understand business in Canada and sign up for CFIB membership.

This blog is dedicated to share business ideas, experiences, concepts and tools for the Canadian business owners and startups.  Cesar’s objective is to provide resources to entrepreneurial community which is quick and easy to implement, while enabling the entrepreneur to feel empowered to lead their business to success.

Blog will consist of:

  • Topic
  • Explanation (example or bullet point form)
  • Tangible resource/template/video/quote/book

While there may be reviews of products, books, templates or business ideas. Cesar does not get compensation, unless a post has been posted on which is part of the employee compensation.

All questions, comments, concerns and feedback are welcomed. In Cesar’s view, the entrepreneurial and business is part of an elite community. For this reason, comments should be submitted without the use of profanity.